La La Land Astonishment


I am a big fan of cinema. Low budget productions, European pieces, Hollywood hits.. loving them! Drama, comedy, action, animation, biographic, thriller.. I am digging it all.
I must confess though that I don’t like musicals.

For some kind of reason it bothers me that characters cannot formulate their lines in words, and instead, they sing them to each other. Broadway won’t be a place to see for me.. no.. no.

With all of my dislike though, I’ve decided to give myself a chance to see latest La La Land by Damien Chazelle. Guess what happened? I was thrilled! It really moved me and even with a fact, that I am (still!) not a fan of musicals, I must say the movie was a real treat!

This blog won’t be about movies and their reviews. By mentioning La La Land story, I just wanted to brought up the concept of giving ourselves (from time to time) a chance, to redefine  our believes and thoughts.In many cases, they might not change.. but what if with we will discover things, we might fall in love with?

This place will be a space to talk, share and embrace some topics that I believe in our times really matter.

I always was a person who had a lot of empathy for the animals. I love being outside and discovering natural landscapes. Yet, just from couple of years, the topic of the global interference into ecosystems, really bothers me, and pushes to be the person who gives a highlight to this topic.

I was never a skinny kid, but I’ve learnt the importance of taking care of my body and my mind, through the movement and good diet, just couple of years ago. It came with some health issues that I needed to face at that time.

Natural cosmetics or the idea of keeping my life on the minimalist level (when it comes to goods).. also some of new concepts of my life.

I am proud to be the person who tries new things and likes to discover what suits me in our post-materialistic times. I like to follow the rule.. “Better try and fall, than regret you never gave it a chance”.

I hope this space will help you to discover something new, exciting and unique. Let’s start!


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