5 quick snacks you can carry along with you everywhere

Are you familiar with a nutrient rule of eating less but more frequently? The specialist are suggesting to cut the size of each main meal and instead, not to forget about small portions of snacks, that should fulfill needs of your body. There are many options. What’s important. is to focus on types of food that can bring a potion of needed energy and, at the same time, fill your body with needed vitamins and minerals.

Here are 5 of my favorite types of snacks. What is great is that, most of them I can prepare myself and carry around in my bag. Check them out and let me know which you think are best!


Photo: Kitchen Konfidence

What I love about them is that they are rich in energy, protein, packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and much discussed omega-3 fatty acids. Crunchy and delicious are easy to carry along, without a need of a special container. You can mix them together with seeds or choose your favorite type. No worries for them to get bad soon, as they are not easily perishable. The only thing you have to think about, is not to overdose them, as they are caloric. Also, eaten in big portions, might cause some stomach aches.

Dry Fruits

the kitchn
Photo: The Kitchn

Similar as nuts and seeds, dry fruits can easily fulfill your body with needed minerals and vitamins. Sweet and soft are less agressive for your stomach. You can buy them at a shop or prepare at home. Use a fruit dryer or your oven. This way you can be sure, they have no extra sugar included. I like to slice my apples and dry them on a low temperature, in my cooker. I mix them with some raisins and carry around in a small container. Delicious!

Granola Bars

Photo: Sweetphi.com

How many times, while being hungry, you are dreaming of having a Snickers? I know the feeling. Not a bad choice, if not for being high in calories and processed oils.
An alternative? Home made granola bars. You can easily prepare them at home. They last for a long time and there are variety of ingredients you can load them with. My favorite recipe you may find right here.

Veggie chips

Photo: Naturebox

I don’t mean potato chips you have an easy access to, on every market shelf. Sure, they are delicious, but loaded with oil. What I have in mind are dry beetroots, carrots, celery root and sweet potato. You can buy them in some eco shops, or prepare as the fruits in your oven. This way, they are even more delicious.

Dark Chocolate

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Quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content (more than 70%) is actually quite nutritious. It contains a decent amount of soluble fiber and is loaded with minerals – iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc and selenium. Of course it is not like you can eat as much as you want, because 100g of dark chocolate contains 600 calories and moderate amounts of sugar. But if you feel like chocolate today, you should definitely try one or two pieces.


Superfood – Cauliflower

Looking for healthy inspiration for a dinner? Cauliflower is known as a powerful veggie. It contains sulforaphane, which has been shown to kill cancer stem cells. For instance, research has shown that combining cauliflower with curcumin (the active compound in the spice turmeric) may help prevent and treat prostate cancer. Sulforaphane in cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables has […]

Healthy Breakfast Choices

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.
It has to bring the energy for the full day, being rich in proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins. These are three, of my personal favorite, selections for a lovely morning time.

Oatmeal with some extras

Photo: Half Baked Harvest

I love this kind of breakfast as it’s not only super tasty, but also easy and quick to prepare. Into a small bowl I am chopping 1 banana, adding an extra fruit (berries/ mango/ apple), getting 1 table spoon of almonds/walnuts in plus 3 table spoons of oats, a pinch of cinnamon and finishing it with 200ml of rice milk. Oats are great source of minerals (manganese!) and fiber. Fruits are bringing needed vitamins. Rice milk stands for the proteins and the nuts are rich in good fats. Mixed all together makes me feel full, yet not overwhelm with food

Avocado + veggie variation omelet

Photo: rachelhulshof.nl

This is a meal that I am preparing mostly during the weekends when I have more time in the morning. I love the combination of eggs and avocado. It brings out the best from each of the ingredients. I like to mix 2 eggs with 1 tablespoon of grain flour, some spices and cook it on coconut oil. While it’s still on the first side I am adding half of an avocado in and some feta or mozzarella cheese on the top. After a while, I turn it to let the second side cook well. Usually I serve it with tomatoes and some baby spinach leaves on a side. This way I am having a healthy meal full of proteins, good fats, and minerals. Plus – it looks amazing on the plate!

Rich Smoothie

Photo: Amazing Lace

I love preparing smoothie breakfast. I love it even more if I am in a hurry. Mixed before at home, goes with me for the metro. I like to do the fruity versions on the ice-cubs, but even more I love the ones prepared on vegetarian milk, where I can add some soaked oats as well. That way the breakfast is more rich in fiber and minerals. My favorite mix is banana with 2 tablespoons of oats, 200ml of almond milk and pinch of cinnamon. I love it also with peaches and blueberries. Brings my body exactly what it wants.

What’s your favorite type of breakfast?

Superfood – Walnuts

Walnuts are one of the few rich sources of plant-derived omega-3 fatty acids. They are also rich in plant sterols, which can play a significant role in lowering serum cholesterol levels. More good news – they are anti-cancer, they can easily boost heart health, and be the natural anti-depressants, that sometimes we all need.

Food connections that bring amazing benefits

As in live, some mixes are better that the other. Nature made a separation on some food products on its own, and brought some couples which combination brings best outcome. Check some of the greatest:

Tomato with Olive Oil

Tomato is a vegetable often eaten by people struggling with their weight because of its low calorie. In combination with the fat, contained in the tomato lycopene (responsible for the lowering of cholesterol), it is better absorbed by the human body. Therefore, to take full advantage of the nutritional value of tomato, it is best to combine it, for example with – olive oil.

Oats with orange juice

A study conducted at the US Department of Agriculture showed that while eating porridge in the morning, you should also drink a freshly squeezed orange juice. Why? Since the combination of these two products is stabilized bad cholesterol and thus reduced risk of heart attack.
(Note the type of cereal – the best properties are unprocessed oatmeal mountain, not instant)

Kale and Salmon

It is scientifically proven that we need vitamin D to better absorb calcium. Some foods, like cheese, contain both. But calcium-rich greens like kale, need an extra vitamin D boost—and oily fish like salmon, sardines, or trout are great sources.

Wine and Almonds

Often offered in Spanish wine houses tandem reveals a great outcome – strong heart. Antioxidants in wine and high content of natural vitamin E in almonds, work well to dilute the blood and improve the health of blood vessels. Friday night small snack discovered

Garlic and Fish

Fish and seafood are the major sources of long-chain omega-3 fats. They’re also rich in other nutrients, such as vitamin D and selenium. The omega-3 fatty acids help lower blood pressure, heart rate, and triglycerides; improve blood-vessel function; and reduce inflammation. Combined with garlic, lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. Plus – taste really good!