3 easy ways to help the environment from today onward

If the condition of the environment is an important topic for you, this note is definitely a great look up into the easy ways of helping our planet.

I am a passionate eco supporter. It’s a topic that always calls my attention. At the end, we do have only this planet to live, and I don’t want to be ashamed, if one day new generation will asked me a question on – why haven’t we done something, when there was still time? I believe that supporting eco welfare, is a doable action for literally anyone. I am staying on a side of the case with people who believes that change starts with an action of a single person, and that together we can achieve big things.

That is why, I know that to support our planet we don’t have to particularly start with something outrages. We can easily begin with some small steps. Here’s are few of my suggestion for the aspiring eco-supporters out there

No one is asking for a drastic cut off. You can do it little by little. How about, instead of eating meat 7 days per week, you’ll try to do it only during 5 days. Trust me, that change will not only help the environment, it will also help your body to regenerate from a daily, heavy digestion. Also – eat more poultry instead of red meat. Scientists say that number of CO2 produced by cows is extremely higher than the one produced by cars. Chickens don’t eat so much and don’t produce that much of feces. Fresher air, less global warming indicators.

Simple change of 3 containers instead of one, can easily help with the segregation of our trash. Think about how much trash and how often you have to take out. Than multiply it with a number of people that lives in your neighborhood. A lot of trash, isn’t it? Helping with the process of segregation isn’t something that takes too much of your time, and will always make a difference. Remember that not every type of unwanted material can be throw away so easily. Used batteries for instance, should be collected and taken out to places that offers they storage. They contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel; simple thrown away in the trash can cause the leak of those dangerous for health metals.

To be completely fair with yourself, make some revisions in places like – your closet, your kitchen and your bathroom. How often do you wear each and every piece of your clothes? Do you eat all the food that you are buying weekly? How many face creams, shower gels or nail polish do you own? Think how you can adapt your clothes to your current fashion style. Make some changes- add something, cut something, have fun with the fashion. While buying food, think twice if you will be able to eat your veggies before they will go bad. Look closely at labels and check the expirations dates before buying a product. Old facial creams, that you don’t want to use anymore, adapt for a different parts of your body. Check how amazing coconut oil is, and how many cosmetics can it cover.

Is it doable? Let me know your thoughts!



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