10 things you can enjoy right this moment

Feeling blue today? Is it because of winter cold and the lack of the sun? Or you just had a very stressful day and don’t feel like doing anything? No stress! Bad mood is a part of our nature. Just try not to let it own you. Learn few easy tricks on how to pump those endorphins back to your system.

Whenever you feel awful, try to force yourself to smile. Our body is programmed in a way that the facial expression brings some good vibes and nice feeling. Which come to the conclusion that we are starting to feel better.

Catch some sun
Catching some Vitamin D with each sunshine brings our body a relief. Find 30 minutes to walk around and discover some amazing surroundings.

Have some chocolate
It is scientifically proven that chocolate caused the release of endorphins in the brain, making people feel happy right after!

Go for yoga
Each asana can only be done right, if you breath correctly. The combination of stretching and right breathing method, helps to pump the endorphins right away to your body.

Hug someone
Being close to another person always comes with the fact of an exchange of the energy. It also brings great memories of the time when we were kids, and could always find relief in our mother arms.

Visual your very best
Let’s be honest: None of us are exactly the person we want to be all the time. But imagining our “ideal” selves—calm, confident, sure of what you want. Feeling better already?

Do a little dance
This method works only if you put on your favorite song and dance like no one is watching. Damn.. you’re looking good!

Sniff certain scents
Research says that scents (orange and lavender to be precise) can help to reduce anxiety and improve mood. Get a scented candle or buy some aromatherapy set, and inhale!

Eat something you like
Fantastic cheesecake from the cafe at the corner or the amazing dumplings from Japanese restaurant, can bring the needed support. Don’t forget to smile while eating!

Give yourself a massage
Stress always come with some tense in your muscle. Try to gentle massage your neck, arms or any other part of your body that need to be healed. Even if it’s a bit painful at the beginning, don’t let go. Works every time!