Be the change – Part 1

I am a person who believes that a thing, we need in live most, is Balance. There is a time for joy with some pure hedonism, and there is a time for hardwork and challenges.
I am trying to follow these believes in each and every area of my live. That’s why I recycle,
I am trying not to buy too much clothes, I am using a bike as a form of my transport and
I excluded animals from my diet. I believe that a change starts on the line of a single person. And I want to contribute to what is still good out there, in the world.

There are people who dedicated their lives for a bigger cause. I am always inspired by them and their work. I’d like to mention few of the projects that missions are close to my heart. And as that being said, I want to start here a series of notes about the projects, which fights for the good things in world. I believe that spreading the word about their job is something right to do. It is something important.

The Clean Ocean Project

It’s a non-governmental organization based on Fuertaventura. I have found their shop once I have visited El Cotillo, in the summer of 2015. They were selling some great pieces of clothing made from bamboo material. The money supports the NGO itself.


The Clean Ocean Project was founded to protect the oceans, waves and beaches, and as they announcing themselves: Our approach is simple, we are driven by the idea that everybody is part of the problem – and the solution. Do your bit, be part of it.

It’s just that simple. And the outcome of each and everyone responsible act on the beach could bring the needed change. How many times have you seen the trash that the waves brought onto the beach? It did not appeared there by itself. People tend to leave a pile of their garbage behind, while coming back from the day at the beach. This is unacceptable!

Last year I have traveled to Indonesia and I have never seen so many beautiful beaches with so many trash on it. I was actually snorkeling in the spot next to Nusa Ceningan (Bali) surrounded by plastic cups, fisherman strings and some used toothbrushes. It was so disgusting I couldn’t even appreciate the underwater world around me. This view really hit me. That is why I am trying to support as much as I can initiatives like The Clean Ocean Project, aside from the actual, cleaning the beach whenever I am, myself.

How does your seaside looks like? You think you should organized a project like this in your place? Or you already have one? If so, I’d love to get to know about it!