Go away Flu!

Feeling like the cold wants to keep you in bed for the whole week? Check your kitchen to find some natural antibiotics, and forget about the products offered by pharmacy.

Most people, in case of having a cold, tend to chose directly the pharmaceutical products or even antibiotics. This, from the start, is a huge mistake. It’s true that drugs might help with the problem right away, yet antibiotics found to cause immune system damage and reduce brain cell growth. It is proven that Nature can bring some exquisite solutions for the upcoming disease, and by this we mean some natural antibiotics.


From centuries cloves of garlic have been used to fight bacteria and viruses, as they are a great help for relieving the effects of cold, cases of flu or toothaches. You can easily chop some of it and spread it on your bread, or use it in a drink. It is very common to drink it with milk, which neutralize the taste.


There are historical proves that onions have been fighting the diseases in Europe, in XVIII century. Together with garlic, served raw, can fight bacteria and viruses. There are different ways onions can be used as a treatment. Ayurvedic medicine has been using an onion poultice for the chest or feet to cure coughs, fevers and flu. In Poland it was very popular to drink it as a syrup, prepared from chopped onions with honey and water. Some people also, tend to cut the onion in a half and leave it in a room where the sick person sleep, so the vegetable can absorb unwanted bacteria.


Honey is gif from the nature that has been always used in cases of throat infections. It contains peroxide that gives it its antibiotic properties. Aside of that is a source of methylglyoxal which is also a type of antibiotic components. You can use any way you want, just remember that high temperatures kills some of its great factors.


Ginger is a natural antiviral which helps to fight against illness and bacteria that causes cold. It is proven that it helps to stimulate perspiration and brings down body temperature. It’s a source of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to improve the immune system. How to use it? Goes really good with the lemon and honey tea. You can add it in your dish, or veggie soup.


Tumeric is a powder made from Curcuma longa root. Known from centuries by the people from southern Asia, tumeric is a spice which contains potent antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties. In ayurvedic medicine it is considered a natural antibiotic. Used in the cooking process or prepared as a drink (best with milk), helps to fight free radicals which damage the immune system.