How to call out the spring – couple rules of my own.

It is happening ! Spring has come and there is no time for us to lose. We have to start to deal with the nature explosion and longer day-to-day reality! (Oh well.. if we have to!)
Here are some ideas on how to invite the spring fully into our lives, and just go with the flow of its energy!

+ plant some flowers on your terrace/ balcony +

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Include some green into your surroundings. Get few flower pots, buy some soil and seeds and start the fun right over. You have no clue about it? Don’t worry.. There are lots of tutorials in the Internet which can help you to smoothly get things done. Not interested in farming? Hey, you can also just buy some of the grown flowers and arrange your outside space in you own favorite way!

+ include some fresh veggies into you diet +

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Markets are getting fuller with the fresh veggies, have you noticed? As a veggie lover I am a mad researcher of new vegetarian recipes. Spring is a great time for the explore process. Get some new ideas and go to the market to get some fresh flush of vitamins. Bring some of the spring into your plate!

+ change your phone play list +

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Find some nice tracks, check some new artists and refresh the music on your phone. It can help you to turn the switch in your brain. It might seams unusual but your mind can easily get linked the music that you are listening to, with the period of life, you are in. New season, new challenges – new music. That’s already a rule!

+ plan a trip for the weekend +

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You didn’t feel like going anywhere during the winter? That’s OK. It is spring now, so no better time to get to know new places. You don’t know where to go to? Use some of the useful Apps with their comments section or do some small research within your friends on your own. Who knows, maybe they will want to join you, and you can all arrange your roadtrip.

+ discover some new places to hang out +

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You have no time for the trips for now? Go around your city and look up for some new places to hang out. Bars, cafes, bookshops – there is always something new on the city map. Try some new menus, discover new cocktails. Live a little!

+ organize a picnic in the park +

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You have checked the weather cast and it says – sunny!? Invite some friends to come with you to the park. Get some snacks, a nice blanket and some games so you can enjoy first days of new season to the fullest!


Food connections that bring amazing benefits

As in live, some mixes are better that the other. Nature made a separation on some food products on its own, and brought some couples which combination brings best outcome. Check some of the greatest:

Tomato with Olive Oil

Tomato is a vegetable often eaten by people struggling with their weight because of its low calorie. In combination with the fat, contained in the tomato lycopene (responsible for the lowering of cholesterol), it is better absorbed by the human body. Therefore, to take full advantage of the nutritional value of tomato, it is best to combine it, for example with – olive oil.

Oats with orange juice

A study conducted at the US Department of Agriculture showed that while eating porridge in the morning, you should also drink a freshly squeezed orange juice. Why? Since the combination of these two products is stabilized bad cholesterol and thus reduced risk of heart attack.
(Note the type of cereal – the best properties are unprocessed oatmeal mountain, not instant)

Kale and Salmon

It is scientifically proven that we need vitamin D to better absorb calcium. Some foods, like cheese, contain both. But calcium-rich greens like kale, need an extra vitamin D boost—and oily fish like salmon, sardines, or trout are great sources.

Wine and Almonds

Often offered in Spanish wine houses tandem reveals a great outcome – strong heart. Antioxidants in wine and high content of natural vitamin E in almonds, work well to dilute the blood and improve the health of blood vessels. Friday night small snack discovered

Garlic and Fish

Fish and seafood are the major sources of long-chain omega-3 fats. They’re also rich in other nutrients, such as vitamin D and selenium. The omega-3 fatty acids help lower blood pressure, heart rate, and triglycerides; improve blood-vessel function; and reduce inflammation. Combined with garlic, lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. Plus – taste really good!

Go away Flu!

Feeling like the cold wants to keep you in bed for the whole week? Check your kitchen to find some natural antibiotics, and forget about the products offered by pharmacy.

Most people, in case of having a cold, tend to chose directly the pharmaceutical products or even antibiotics. This, from the start, is a huge mistake. It’s true that drugs might help with the problem right away, yet antibiotics found to cause immune system damage and reduce brain cell growth. It is proven that Nature can bring some exquisite solutions for the upcoming disease, and by this we mean some natural antibiotics.


From centuries cloves of garlic have been used to fight bacteria and viruses, as they are a great help for relieving the effects of cold, cases of flu or toothaches. You can easily chop some of it and spread it on your bread, or use it in a drink. It is very common to drink it with milk, which neutralize the taste.


There are historical proves that onions have been fighting the diseases in Europe, in XVIII century. Together with garlic, served raw, can fight bacteria and viruses. There are different ways onions can be used as a treatment. Ayurvedic medicine has been using an onion poultice for the chest or feet to cure coughs, fevers and flu. In Poland it was very popular to drink it as a syrup, prepared from chopped onions with honey and water. Some people also, tend to cut the onion in a half and leave it in a room where the sick person sleep, so the vegetable can absorb unwanted bacteria.


Honey is gif from the nature that has been always used in cases of throat infections. It contains peroxide that gives it its antibiotic properties. Aside of that is a source of methylglyoxal which is also a type of antibiotic components. You can use any way you want, just remember that high temperatures kills some of its great factors.


Ginger is a natural antiviral which helps to fight against illness and bacteria that causes cold. It is proven that it helps to stimulate perspiration and brings down body temperature. It’s a source of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to improve the immune system. How to use it? Goes really good with the lemon and honey tea. You can add it in your dish, or veggie soup.


Tumeric is a powder made from Curcuma longa root. Known from centuries by the people from southern Asia, tumeric is a spice which contains potent antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties. In ayurvedic medicine it is considered a natural antibiotic. Used in the cooking process or prepared as a drink (best with milk), helps to fight free radicals which damage the immune system.

6 easy to prepare hair masks (needed ingredients you can find in your fridge)

Winter is the most challenging season for our hair. Low outside temperatures combined with dry indoor heat lead to split ends and breakage. Not to mention hats and hot air from our hairdryers. Your fabulous mane can still be kept flawless though. Winter home made hair mask can help your hair not to break, come out or become mat. Choose your favorite!

1. Not to break – Banana + Yogurt + Honey

Mix whole banana with 1 tablespoon of natural yogurt and 1 tablespoon of honey.
Put the mixture on your hair for 15 minutes and later wash it out.

2. Not to break – Avocado + Olive Oil

Mix an avocado with 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Put the mixture all over your hair, cover it with a plastic foil for 30 minutes and wash it good with a small amount of shampoo. Twice. Always wash your hair twice!

3. Not to be dry- Mango + Lemon + Honey + Olive oil

Half of a mango mix with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of honey and
1 tablespoon of olive oil. Put this mixture on your dry hair for 30 minutes and wash the hair with a delicate shampoo.

4. Not to fall out – Apple Vinegar + Yolk + Lemon

2 tablespoons of apple vinegar mix with 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
Rub your scalp with this mix and leave it for 15 minutes. Later wash normally. Repeat every 3 days.

5. Not to be mat – Beer + Egg

30 ml of beer mix with 1 egg. Prepared mixture put on wet hair and leave for 30 minutes under plastic foil. Wash it out properly after the suggested time.

6. To keep your great color – Chamomile / Black Tea

To highlight your hair color you can easily prepare a special mixture, which can be used for rinsing up the hair, after shampoo and mask.

To keep them more blond – Prepare an infusion from 2 teaspoons of chamomile and splash it on your hair after washing.
To keep them nice and dark – Prepare an infusion from 2 teabags of black tea and follow the instruction as above.