5 things you need to remember before starting new diet habits

Have you promissed yourself that 2017 will bring a change in your life? Are you thinking about working a bit more for a new body? You are probably not alone, as it seams to be a very common New Year’s Resolution. More than a quarter of Europeans claim that, with the beginning of January, they want to change something in their body. Weather is it loosing these extra kilos, getting more flexible or just eat healthier. Each reason seams like a great push for a new start! And if the decison has been made.. where should you start?

Have you talked to your Doc?

Are you dealing with any kind of sympthoms that might come on a way with your new plan? In case you do, it is good to visit your doctor. Open conversation and some blood tests, might give you great insides on what could be helpful, and what might be just very bad for this new diet process. Remember that in most cases, there is always a solution that might suits you and a type of practice that can be follow, to get in shape! You just have to really listen to your body first, and go the directions it gives you.

How does your day look like?

Eating well will be just a part of the process. You also have to move enough. Do you work fixed shifts or you are the master of your timetable? How many activities daily you have to face? Can you use this 1,5h on going to the gym, or you have to get your kids out of the school? In any case, try to think about an activity that can keep you moving. Weather it’s a 30 min walk, a cleanning session at home, or watching TV while exercising with a resistance band. Specialists say that the minimum of movement, that we should include in our week schedule, close in around 150 minute of walking, and 2 x 20 min sessions, which we should use to build our strenght. Watch out! — If you want to loose some weight, these numbers of course, should increase.

Be realistic

Effective getting in shape requires personal honesty. You don’t have to start eating only healthy, homemade meals every day. Better face your old habits and, as for the start, include them maybe 3 days a week. Think about food that you love, and try not to exclude it from you menu right away. Instead, eat less of it and meanwhile start looking for an alternative proposition, that can replace it in the future. Small steps = longer time frame, that’s true. But at least, a stable way to new you!

Stay strong

Mistakes happenes to everybody. Having doubts about the whole process is something quite natural. Wanting to give up can be a struggle, you will face during this journey. But in every moment, when the doubts will start appearing, you have to fight them with your super important, motivation reason. The one that had pushed you to start this, at the very beginning. You don’t have one yet? Find it!

Be kind to yourself

This you should remember always! It honestly doesn’t matter that your colleague is loosing the belly fat quicker, or that you had this one rough night, when you couldn’t stop eating this package of chips. You need a buddy on this journey to new you, and you won’t find a better one, than your very self.